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equitycom develops strategies for companies within and outside the country to optimise their relations with investors, analysts and any other persons involved in capital market events.

The implementation of all strategic projects takes place together with those responsible for the company and the clients. Alongside this, equitycom supports its customers in fulfilling obligations of transparency and communication towards the capital market and public.

One of the main foci of equitycom's activities is developing and restructuring all capital market-related customer communication matters. Depending on the task, advising occurs in the form of project-related and thus time-limited activities or as interim management respectively integrated into the customer's individual structures and with clear responsibility for the goals arranged.

Initially, equitycom is involved in the run-up to an initial public offering, placing a capital increase or on the occasion of a company changing over to a segment with high transparency requirements and is thus available for the entire organisation and execution of the communication-related tasks. The tasks are realised on a regular basis in cooperation with professional external partners.

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equitycom's service portfolio comprises of all content-related, regulative and communicative aspects of public relations work for companies that are listed or that are striving to be listed. equitycom stands for an integrative approach from investor and public relations under the roof of strategic capital market communication.

Alongside the core area, equitycom GmbH also offers other services for realising customers’ needs. All measures are precisely analysed at the start of the cooperation and are bindingly agreed on as "milestones".

4 phases for successful communication

The essential advisory measures are divided into the following phases below in order to indicate their temporal and content-related connection in a transparent way:

  • 1Preparation phase
    • Positioning workshop
    • Developing a detailed question and answer list
    • Creating a press and investor portfolio
    • Creating/revising company presentations for journalists and analysts
    • Creating a contact database (journalists / investors)
    • Media and presentation training
    • Structuring company internal communication tasks and functions
  • 2Company positioning phase
    • Developing and continually updating a list of topics
    • Identifying and selecting suitable media formats to position the company with relevant target groups
    • Composing / editing background articles / author contributions on the company, placing in suitable media formats
    • Organising and accompanying interviews
    • Supporting internal communication
    • Project management and reporting
  • 3Accompanying campaigns / communication projects
    • Workshop for developing / sharpening the equity story
    • Expanding, adapting and coordinating the language regulations in the company (one voice policy)
    • Developing a detailed question and answer list
    • External PR / IR office: accepting, processing and documenting all media, analyst and investor enquiries
    • Planning, carrying out and reworking the roadshow
    • Preparing, organising and accompanying a press conference (conferences) (live and via the telephone)
    • Arranging and accompanying background discussions with financial / capital market journalists (including TV); media monitoring
    • Supporting internal communication
  • 4Continuous IR / PR tasks:
    • Creating / monitoring / adapting the communication strategy including its implementation
    • Continuing to develop the question and answer list for investors
    • Advising and planning all IR / PR activities within the framework of a weekly meeting (live, video or telephone conference)
    • Providing support for fulfilling the regulatory requirements and publicity obligations e.g.:
      • Project control for the general meeting
      • Creating quarterly, semi-annual and business reports (text only)
      • Composing and publishing ad-hoc statements, corporate news, director dealings, voting right notifications etc.
    • Carrying out and monitoring the success of investor and analyst discussions (individual and group events, roadshows)
    • Taking over the IR hotline / continually updating the IR website
    • Continually identifying topics provided they are relevant for the capital market
    • Composing contact lists
    • Maintaining / adapting company presentations
    • Monitoring public perception including internet forums
    • Creating press releases
    • Creating and developing press contacts by means of a journalist PR maintenance programme
      • Organising, preparing and following up discussions with media representatives and interviews if necessary
      • Planning and carrying out press conferences (in-house/external)
    • Drafting, coordinating and updating language regulations for each phase of press work
      • Continually updating the press distribution list
      • Action-related: creating a press review and assessing the report
    • Creating and updating a press distribution list taking into consideration
      • Specialist, daily and economic media
      • as well as multipliers and research companies
    • Composing a basic press portfolio
      • Press information
      • Company profile, dates and facts
      • CVs of the Executive Board members
      • Topic list

Frankfurt listing process

Within the framework of the activity and in particular for customers outside of Germany, equitycom provides advice concerning all questions related to trading or listing shares on the Frankfurt stock exchange. Alongside structuring processes, this also involves recommendation and being taken up in the network of the agency in particular. In order to effectively design the listing process it is imperative for non-market foreign companies to discuss and organise the cooperation between the necessary partners prior to trading and choosing an applicant/specialist or designated sponsor. Generally, equitycom operates as its foreign customers’ representative in Germany or continental Europe.

Interim management

equitycom supports customers with creating or restructuring investor and public relations (IR / PR) departments and is available as a coach to existing internal communication teams or those still in the development phase.

If required, equitycom operates as a customer representative within the framework of interim management. This requires an intensive involvement in all company processes. Complex projects are realised together with experienced network partners following consultation.

equitycom regularly takes on the role of a representative in Germany, mainly for customers from outside of Europe. Alongside integration in the existing contact network, this mainly means taking on the position of a contact for investors, the media, stock exchange and any other persons involved in capital market events.

Special projects

Alongside the wide spectrum of the previously described communication challenges for listed companies, there are occasionally other tasks which are regularly attended to with competent partners from within and outside of Germany. Examples of such special projects are:

  • Project control for company reports (print and online)
  • Finding the relevant partners on the part of the bank (applicant, designated sponsor, capital measures)
  • Distribution of information by means of
    • Integrating Executive Board interviews, company presentations and research reports into specialised web portals
    • E-mail campaigns
    • Direct mailing activities
    • Designing and realising corporate videos for display online or on the occasion of presentations
  • Creating and realising image brochures
  • Finding shell and shelf companies able to deal on the stock exchange for a quick entrance on the market
  • Participating in capital market events in Germany including taking on organisational requirements
  • Connecting contacts to perspective management executives

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About us

equitycom was founded by the attorney Guido Abraham in 2007, who was previously active for Deutsche Börse AG and the international communication agency Citigate Dewe Rogerson among others.

The many years of experience in the capital market and the well developed network directly benefit equitycom's customers.

The equitycom team consists of freelance experts from the areas of finance, management, marketing and communication. The consultation team is composed individually depending on the task, customer needs and project requirements, whereby resources are spared and the costs remain within the budget.

equitycom is situated in the financial metropolis Frankfurt am Main, which ensures direct and efficient communication with the decisive capital market participants at all times.

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Our customers are companies within and outside of Germany in all branch sectors, whose shares or bonds are listed on one or several stock exchanges or whose trade is planned on a public marketplace.

The companies attended to by equitycom are part of all market segments and transparency levels; currently, mainly companies from the non-regulated open market at the Frankfurt stock exchange are supported in the efforts to create a balanced investor basis.

Should you require concrete information on our customers or direct references from them, please get in touch with us.

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equitycom has been working together with banks, securities dealers, marketing specialists, journalists, financial analysts and many others on a regular basis for many years in order to combine both customers and investors interests.

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